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Ballet Conservatory

Michael Houston

Kristine Houston

We are proud to provide a pure and traditional program of classical Ballet training strongly based on the principles of the Vaganova system.

The Vaganova system is an international program recognized for providing us with many of the finest ballet artists in history. We, as educators and students need only to be diligent, understand and embrace the technique in order to be successful in our classical goals. A student well trained in the Vaganova method of ballet will be respected for their skill at any school or audition they attend.

Ballet becomes a performance art form for students who start early in their training. The precise training is with the intent of producing stage artistry, virtuosity, classical line and non-mechanical theatrical images for an audience to enjoy, and through which the dancer can express and be fulfilled.

We use a logical and methodical tiered training plan in the traditional classroom setting where discipline, etiquette, respect, and focus are required of all students each and every class. We believe these are excellent tools for a young person to develop for life in general and not just ballet.

Technically, in very general terms, our task is to develop classical body alignment, proper use of external rotation, strength and stability, and early coordination of the upper body movement with classical port de bras. We develop an understanding in the students of how to approach and master each barre exercise and its relationship to center exercises and stage. This includes musicality and terminology.

In the midst of physically demanding movements, the students are reminded that the quality of a calm, graceful approach, free of superficial effects is at the forefront of classical dance.

We also believe in educating the students regarding famous classical artists both past and present including composers, choreographers, and knowledge of historical classical repertory. This knowledge and appreciation for the history and culture of ballet is essential for the dancers whose goals are to move on to pointe work, variation, pas de deux, or classical roles on stage.

Conservatory 2 Weekly requirements:
4 1.5 hour Ballet classes
( One can be substituted with Contemporary class).

3 One hour Pointe Classes

1 Variation Class

Saturday Conservatory class attendance

Nutcracker participation.

Conservatory students will be eligible for classical competition at YAGP and the Los Angeles music center Spotlight Awards Competition.

Conservatory students will be chosen by invitation or audition  only.

Note: Students involved in other dance related programs such as OSHA, May be given credit for classes they are unable to take at SCDPAC, in terms of being eligible to be in the Conservatory.

This program is meant for dancers who are on a professional Ballet track or take a more serious approach to their dance training.

Conservatory 3 Weekly requirements:
5 weekly Ballet 1.5 hour Technique classes( up to two can be substituted with Contemporary with director approval)

2 weekly Pointe Technique

1 Week Variation class

1 weekly Pas de Deux class

Requirement for Saturday Conservatory classes

Requirement for Nutcracker participation and all rehearsals attended.

Conservatory students will be chosen by invitation or audition only.

Note, students involved in other dance programs at schools and related facilities may be given credit for classes taken at those personalities relative to their eligibility for Conservatory. This will be considered on an individual  basis.

The Conservatory will consist of students on a professional Ballet track or those are way more serious minded approach to their dance training.


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